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Retaining Walls

PPR Concrete services provides high quality Concrete retaining walls at competitive prices, PPR offers  Concrete block retaining walls, link block retaining walls and concrete sleeper walls. All retaining walls are fitted with socked  ag pipes connected to storm water with adequate drainage rock placed behind walls.

Council requires that any walls over 1 metre in height are to have a Building approval. With this in mind PPR works closely with local Building certifiers and engineers so your retaining wall will flow smoothly from consultation onto to Building approval through to the completion of your new retaining wall.


Block walls can be plain, painted, or rendored and painted. All block retaining walls are built to engineers specs, even the ones under 1 metre.

PPR also builds front fence feature walls with timber and aluminium infills. And we work closely with a local aluminium fabricator to provide factory direct prices on Aluminium sliding gates and fences.


Link block walls come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your individual needs.They can be laid as a small garden retainer 1 block high or a 3 level terraced retaining wall.Link blocks can achieve a remarkably natural look which will blend effortlessly into an existing enviroment. They can be laid with or without a capping block.
All PPR link block walls are laid on a steel reinforced concrete base.

All PPR walls have drainage rock placed behind to the individual walls specifications.


Concrete sleeper walls are fast becoming a popular choice for retaining walls  as they do not require large foundations  which makes them a  more cost effecvtive option then tradional walls. Concrete sleepers are far more durable than timber sleepers and can be easily painted once the wall is built.

They are a perfect choice to areas where there is limited access for large machinery and are commonly used as retaining walls that are less visible, eg. sides of houses.