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  • Design Conception

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PPR Concrete Services  can work with you on your residential and commercial projects and  provides a wide range of concreting services to Brisbane and surroundind areas.
We  specialise in new concrete driveways but also provide shed slabs, swimming pools surrounds, pathways, replacement slabs for service repairs and much more.
PPR Concrete services plan and schedule your job on time and on budget.
PPR uses 25mpa concrete as standard and 72mm steel on all concrete driveways, providing you with a high quality structually sound concrete that will stand the test of time.
PPR works in partnership with Holcim and Hanson so you have a wide range of products to choose from for your next project.
You can view the range of concrete products on their respective web sites.

Is an inexpensive way of concreting that gives you the option to resurface at a later date. With numerous options available in spray crete, coloured sealers and tiling. Perfect for concrete driveways, patios, shed slabs and footpaths.

Exposed concrete is a decoritve style of concrete suitable for use on driveways,paths and patios.It is created by mixing a unique aggregate with grey or coloured concrete and exposing to finish. With its modern look, non slip finish and ease of cleaning it suits all styles of homes. PPR Concrete services specialises in exposed aggregate concrete and believes it will be  a  great feature to your home. PPR has laid exposed aggregate concrete to many homes and satisfied customers. Perfect for driveways, patios, paths and pool surrounds.

Stencil concrete combines the durability of concrete with tradional appeal of bricks and pavers.There are numerous patterns and colours to choose from which makes stencil concrete a stylish,strong and incredibly versatile options for your home. It can be a more cost effective alternative than spray crete and it is also more time efficient.

Coloured concrete is far more attractive than tradional grey concrete and unlike surface colouring methods,full depth colour concrete of the entire slab means surface erosion is not a problem.
There are many colours to choose from and by placing stencil pattern over colourd concrete you can achieve a natural monotone colour which is strong, durable and econimical. Perfect for driveways, paths, patios and pool surrounds.